• Remote Area Medical (RAM) Expedition

    February 12, 2014…. A respected national organization called Remote Area Medical (RAM) has agreed to put Nevada on their schedule of international and American medical and dental expeditions. They can bring very large-scale clinics to both Northern and Southern Nevada. However, this will require considerable local effort and resources.  In order to reach the most people possible, RAM will offer medical/dental and vision events in Las Vegas on April 5 & 6th at Bonanza High School (6665 Del Rey Ave Las Vegas 89146).
    Nevada volunteers and direct service providers are very much needed and welcomed especially dentists and hygienists. You can call the Anna Maria Deller at 702-716-6706 with local questions about the RAM event, but you must sign up through the RAM online site. Click on the “Volunteers” tab, fill out the form and create your own password. RAM will notify you with further information about volunteering in February 2014. http://www.ramusa.org/.

    To understand what this event will look like, see this 60 Minutes special on Remote Area Medical (RAM): http://youtu.be/Dgef-OTmrWg

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