Welcome to the Online Membership Dues area, a quick and secure way to pay online!
  • Please note that Payment Plans are not available via our website – Only full payment is accepted via this method.(see below for information regarding payment plan fees)
  • Please note that if you are opting for one of our payment plans we request that you pay via credit or debit card. If you do opt to send checks, please note that the set up fee is still applicable.
  • If you are a full time faculty member at an accredited college or university, please call our office to pay your membership dues. You are entitled to a 50% discount on the state portion of your dues. You will only get this discount if you contact us directly.
  • Important! Please read before proceeding to pay your dues online:
    1. When paying your dues online, if you check required dues and get a different total than what appears on your 2014 statement, please contact our office, and we will process the correct amount over the phone.
    2. If your required dues displays a matching amount on your 2014 statement, but the total has an additional $25 or $50 added on to your total, that is a processing fee. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office at 702-255-4211.