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Dear Colleague,

Now more, than ever before, the dental profession is confronted with changes and challenges in uncertain economic times. You are missing out on the informative news from the American Dental Association, Nevada Dental Association and your local dental society to help dentists understand and meet the changes and challenges within the profession. Some of the benefits of membership are:

  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Peer Review
  • Continuing Education
  • Premier Publications
  • Premier Websites
  • Endorsed Products and Services

Membership in the ADA, your state and local dental societies represents a powerful commitment on your part to continued growth as a professional, as an individual and as a dentist. Continuing Education and information in virtually every area of dentistry become readily available when you support this unique national, state and local partnership. The ADA has been vigilant in protecting your professional interests in Congress. State and local legislators consistently hear the “voice of organized dentistry” through dental association representatives, your colleagues, and your friends. Your membership and the financial support it creates, is critical to the efforts taking place on your behalf. Please consider joining today. The dental profession will face significant challenges in the future and our goal is to meet these challenges head on while improving service and benefits of membership. We need your support.


Brad Wilbur DDS
Membership Chairman
Nevada Dental Association

Robert Talley DDS
Executive Director
Nevada Dental Association